COVR People's Choice Award Winner

a story of courage and a different kind of holy war
by Xanna Vinson 

The Song of an Emerald Dove
Mother Earth has been imperiled and is trying to ask for help.

A group of wiccan women devote themselves to the puzzle that is laid before them by the sentient Earth, as they strive to save all they love from a prophesied doomsday. The messages are real. The women are willing participants. But can they decipher the puzzle and act in time?

Follow the fictionalized account of modern wiccan women as they attempt to answer the call of their Goddess to save the world and all they love. Join the real-life groundswell movement to gather the ladies.

The above description cannot begin to describe the deep-felt mission of the women fictionalized herein and their concern for the health, safety, and soul of the planet, their loved ones, and all peoples. If you share this conviction, please read "Emerald Dove" and then visit the web site formed for the free exchange of information and ideas at  POTED .

“Authentic and inspiring.”
                  Dolores Stewart Riccio, author of Circle of Five

“A story of courage; a novel to entertain; a volume to educate.”
                  Raymond Buckland, author of The Committee & The Complete Book of Witchcraft

Truth be told, Emerald Dove was written to enable a covert group of women to share their experiences and concerns about the advancing destructive course of our treatment of the planet and each other! I'm very excited that the messages in Dove are causing a groundswell movement among women who share my concern for the health and survival of the planet.
I have no doubts that the wiccan reader will feel very comfortable with the story line; in fact, I am hoping that they will feel a fellowship with the protagonists! Regarding the general public, I do have to admit my concern that such readers would shy away from a story involving witches, but it is my hope that they will see past the phony nose-twitching or cauldron-stirring cackling stereotypes and accept these women as genuine heroines. I guess that means they would be wearing white cone-hats.

Share the story of these duty-bound women and their heart-felt battle for global survival.


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Yes, The Song of an Emerald Dove is a story of courage and a different kind of holy war. To many readers the term has two immediate meanings. The “old” meaning was about the Crusades. The new meaning is more about today’s terrorist threats. Both of those impressions convey images of blood and battles and sweeping hordes of soldiers. I wanted to use that brutality as a kind of challenge, to make the reader think that perhaps there are other ways to fight wars. The women in Dove are fighting their own holy war because they are priestesses in their Wiccan religion and are fighting in an army of eight on the side of their Goddess and world survival. The messages initially told them that this task would take longer that they had ever worked in the past, and they had accepted that guidance. Please join them.

The Story of an Emerald Dove

Read what others are saying about The Song of an Emerald Dove.

   "Authentic and inspiring." Dolores Stewart Riccio, author of Circle of Five

   "With beautiful descriptions of Wicca ritual, Xanna Vinson skillfully
   weaves the actions of a coven into the web of the modern world. Age-old
   rites and communion with the ancient deities... attempt to save the world.
   Astral projection, meditation, and ancient ritual are the weapons of choice.
   A well-written, skillfully-crafted story of courage; a novel to entertain;
   a volume to educate."
         Raymond Buckland, author of The Committee,          Cardinal’s Sin, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, & others

 "A fascinating journey into the unknown." T.J. MacGregor, author of Total Silence

 "Would I recommend it? Whole-heartedly!" Mike Gleason, independent reviewer

 "This is one of the best works of Wiccan fiction I have read in years."
                Andrius Reviews New Books, "The Unicorn Messenger"

 "I am awed by the ambitious dedication that produced a text that long, and that coherent, on a first novel. Brava! What I really loved … was the assumption of female continuance in what we have inherited as a masculine-oriented world.
                Phebe Davison, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, USC, author of Night Whispers

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